Team WRIGLEYTo the wonderful team at blueberry events,On behalf of Wrigley we would like to say the biggest THANK YOU for your support at our business conference this year.Your attention to detail and exceptional ability to run with a brief is what makes you stand out from other companies, there is never any task too large and you are always there with creative ideas and your amazing plethora of knowledge to provide lift to our ideas.Another big thank you from our marketing team for taking the time to understand the business and the brands to deliver some amazing spaces consistent with our brands personalities. You really did deliver start to finish productions in this space and the over and above will mean that all year people will be remembering the exciting and inspiring worlds that they were immersed in while they are executing our strategies.It is such a pleasure to work with you.Thank you for taking the time and investing the energy into our business,  we really couldn’t have done such an amazing job without the blueberry vision and execution.